“If a modern-day Sonny & Cher built a Robot Chicken to broadcast their own fantasyland of Music Television.”


Doc & Jayn, a married couple of multi-hyphenates, costar in their self-made musical sketch comedy show. Boon TV parodies music channels, public access television and commercials with short music videos and skits taking place in their own imaginary pop culture universe.  



"... Boonie and Giane produced the show entirely in and around their home during the pandemic, and the results are extraordinary.  The characters in BOON TV are hilariously surreal and completely over the top, hammering home their laser sharp messages loud and clear. But where Boonie and Giane really excel is in the music clips and soundtrack. Peel away the humorous and satiric lyrics, and you’re left with music and vocal performances that are absolutely top shelf, perfectly replicating the aesthetics of the era and style Boonie and Giane have put into focus in a particular piece."

JamSphere Magazine