What started as a few casually made songs, became an EP.  The following year, I produced a 2nd volume.  Once the 3rd volume was ready for release this year, I decided to join the trilogy of EPs as a full album.  And throughout the process, the project gradually evolved into a fantasy world concept of its own. 

“Inner Demons” exist within all of us.  Their sole purpose is to attack our minds until we give up on ourselves.  They grow into subconscious “Doubt Monsters” and show no mercy as they prey on our fears.  When monsters attack, we hope for heroes to come and save us.  But in my case, I had to find the hero within.

I was on the brink of losing hope.  My dreams nearly died but thankfully my “inner child” was still alive.  My wild imagination reminded me of the days when I was a little kid creating superheroes, drawing my own comic books and trying to sell them to my mom for $5 a pop.  As I tapped into those memories while working on this project, BLACK FLOYD formed into a band of musical superheroes made of characterized versions of myself.  “Mi”, “Moss Elf” and “Eye” became the heroes within to fight the “Inner Demons” and protect my dreams in the world of my subconscious.

Working on this album the past three years was a life-changing experience.  Externally, I found my sound.  Internally, I found myself.  And as a bonus, I found new and exciting ways for me to continue being creative in spite of my “Doubt Monsters”.  Dealing with life as a human being is already difficult enough.  Being a passionate artist in pursuit of an “unrealistic” dream adds another heavy pile of struggle, making it even more challenging to navigate mental health and the pressures of a harsh world.  

This album is a culmination of the past few years of my life and how I’ve felt about a lot of different things.  Social media.  Racism.  Mental health.  Spirituality.  Love.  Ambition.  And continuing to follow my heart.  

This is BLACK FLOYD.  

Welcome to the Dark Side of the Boon. 

All songs produced & written by:
Solomon Vaughn a/k/a Boonie Mayfield

Mi - vocals, bass guitar
Moss Elf - vocals, electric piano, synths, organ
Eye III - drum programming, synths, effects



Boonie Mayfield

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Produced, Composed, Arranged, Recorded & Mixed by: Boonie Mayfield @ The Lemonade Stand (Los Angeles, CA) / Mastered by: Artisan Jones

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