“The impression is that he can easily write, produce and perform a song in just about any popular music style if he wants to.”Jamsphere

Boonie Mayfield a/k/a Boon Doc is a recording artist, music producer, actor, filmmaker and educator who began his career as a rapper in his hometown of Colorado Springs, CO. While selling his self-produced beats on the side, Boonie rose to internet stardom in the early days of YouTube by going viral and becoming one of the pioneers of online beat making videos. After a few years, he transitioned from his revered style of sample-based hip-hop as he learned music theory,  taught himself multiple instruments and developed his own genre-bending sound

Along with his music, the format of Boonie's YouTube videos evolved into a docuseries titled, Boon DocumentedThe first season of six 30-minute episodes debuted in 2012 and the series continues to showcase behind-the-scenes specials based on Boonie's current projects and his podcast, The Chop Up

While attending an acting class in Los Angeles, Boonie produced his first musical short film, Ho Ho Ho (A Bad Santa Carol) at the end of 2016. The wacky holiday-themed short was a precursor to Boon TV, a musical sketch comedy series co-created and produced with his wife, Giane Morris Vaughn. As an actor, Boonie landed various roles including Sizzle—a live sketch comedy show at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival—and a national Doritos commercial for Adult Swim.

Balancing with his career as a self-produced independent artist and entrepreneur, Boonie also lends his extensive knowledge and experience as a Music Production Career Advisor at a large private college in Los Angeles. For 15+ years, Boonie Mayfield’s journey has inspired people around the world to follow their dreams and continue growing as artists and human beings.  Every step of the way for him has been a learning experience, and the journey continues to be documented for the world to see what’s possible when Boonie Mayfield uses what he has to the best of his ability no matter the limitations.