Solomon Vaughn (a/k/a Boonie Mayfield and Boon Doc) hails from Colorado, USA and rose to internet stardom after going viral on YouTube performing live hip-hop beats on his MPC 1000.  Demonstrating his process of making beats online before doing so became a thing, Boonie helped pave the way for bedroom producers as one of the pioneers of YouTube beat-making videos. For years, his YouTube channel inspired many producers, young and old, to get in touch with their creative potential and inject quality sounds into each musical endeavor.

Throughout 2007-2010, Boon Doc was known for his classic boom-bap and neo-soul beats as well as his highly revered sample-chopping skills that were praised by the likes of Ski Beatz and Warren G.  But after his studio was robbed of almost all of his equipment, Boonie re-emerged as a multi-instrumentalist who no longer depended on samples.  Fully composing his own music, Boonie's ever-evolving style encompasses many genres including funk, soul, jazz, blues, progressive rock and cinema along with his roots in hip-hop. And no matter how far his sound steers, the influences of A Tribe Called Quest, OutKast, J Dilla, D’Angelo and many other classic hip-hop and neo-soul legends can be traced within the eclectic realm of Boonie Mayfield.

While internationally known as a music producer, Boonie Mayfield is far from "just" anything and has proven himself to be an extremely capable and seasoned emcee, recording artist, songwriter, dancer, video producer and actor.