After years of pursing a music career as a local rapper in Colorado Springs, CO and later teaching himself how to produce his own beats, Solomon Vaughn a/k/a Boonie Mayfield a/k/a Boon Doc rose to internet stardom during the early days of YouTube as one of the pioneers of home studio beatmaking videos.  While selling beats online for a living in 2007, one of Boonie's clients notified him of a fraud producer that was stealing and re-selling his beats on a hip-hop producer website.  This prompted Boonie to buy a camcorder and post a video proving that the stolen beats were his, which in turn introduced him to the YouTube platform.  

Months later, Boonie started posting impromptu videos of himself playing live beats with his MPC 1000 from the corner of his apartment bedroom.  While his channel was organically attracting a small following on its own, Boonie’s videos soon went viral after a guest editor discovered his content and featured his most popular video to date on the front page of YouTube.  

In the beginning, Boon Doc was known for his revered sample-based beats influenced by the likes of J Dilla, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, RZAQ-Tip and other classic hip-hop producer legends.  But after the devastating experiences of his online beat store getting suspended for uncleared samples and his first studio getting burglarized, Boonie began to learn music theory and resurfaced as a multi-instrumentalist, producing fully original material with blends of boom-bap, jazz, funk, r&b/soul and psychedelic rock.

In 2011, Boonie Mayfield showcased his newfound musical chops and seasoned sample-flipping skills on his critically acclaimed debut instrumental album, Black Koolaid.  It has since been deemed an underground classic, solidifying Boonie’s beatmaking legacy as one of the greats within the instrumental hip-hop landscape. 

By 2012, Boonie and his now-wife, Giane Morris Vaughn, self-produced a season of six 30-minute episodes of their own reality docuseries titled, Boon Documented.  During this time, Boonie's musical versatility expanded as he continued to hone his craft.  His sound and interest grew more inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd, Marvin Gaye, Bootsy CollinsThe Beatles, Funkadelic and other old-school musical legends that he used to sample from.  And after a year of soul searching, he was reminded of the reason why he learned to produce in the first place; to work with the dormant recording artist he intended to produce for all along—himself

Boonie also reconnected with his childhood dream of acting after moving to Los Angeles, CA.  He joined an acting/artist performance workshop for over a year, started auditioning and landed roles in Sizzle—a live sketch-comedy show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival—and a national Doritos commercial for Adult Swim

While attending the workshop, Boonie had a creative breakthrough which led him to produce his first musical comedy short film, Ho Ho Ho (A Bad Santa Carol).  The holiday-themed short turned out to be a precursor to Boon TV, his most recent webseries collaboration with Giane Morris Vaughn.  Together they managed to produce a pilot episode while working from home during the pandemic.  

As a proud independent recording artist, Boonie Mayfield has reached his goal of finding his own sound and published a distinctive catalogue of albums and EPs.  With his self-produced projects including; Solomon Vaughn, AudiopiumBlack Floyd: The One Man Band and Black Floyd Returns, his art showcases his knack for storytelling, vulnerability and fearless genre-bending to the point of no category.

For 15+ years Boonie Mayfield's journey has inspired many aspiring artists around the world to follow their hearts creatively and continue growing as human beings.  Every step of the way for Boonie has been a learning experience documented for the world to see what’s possible by using the tools and skills he has to the best of his ability, no matter the limitations.