Boonie Mayfield Presents: Solomon Vaughn

by Solomon Vaughn

'Boonie Mayfield Presents: Solomon Vaughn' is an entirely self-produced, "one-man-does-all", genre-bending, progressive hip-hop album with unique blends of funk, blues, soul, jazz, psychedelic rock and pop. This highly musical and theatrical record takes listeners through a loosely-based story of emcee/singer/songwriter, Solomon Vaughn's world of daring experimentation, inspiration, nostalgia, honesty, love and relationships, social commentary and self-reflection, all backed by the unique, versatile and big sounding production from his laid-back, yet sometimes outrageous multi-instrumentalist alter-ego, Boonie Mayfield.

Executive Producer: Solomon "Boonie Mayfield" Vaughn / Photography & Album Design: Giane Morris / Mixed & Mastered by: JD Feighner at 1620 Studios, CO

Vaughn Solo 1st Edition

by Solomon Vaughn

All Songs Produced By: Boonie Mayfield (except for - "Good Girls" by Ro Blvd., "That DOELEMITE" by Breakbot, "Ode to The Joy" by Pete Rock and "Dreams" by Ologist)

Engineered & Mixed By: Boonie Mayfield @ The Lemonade Stand (except for - "No Limits" by JD Feigner @ 1620 Studios)

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