“I think he’s going to be one of the new and upcoming cats to come out and shock a lot of people and take the whole industry by storm.”-Jamie Jones, 2009 (All-4-One)

Solomon Vaughn is a seasoned music producer, composer, songwriter, recording artist, instructor and entrepreneur from Colorado Springs, Colorado.  His unique approach to music blends a multitude of genres creating a refreshing and reinvented sound that combines various classics and timeless eras.  

In 2001, a high school graduate and aspiring rapper, Solomon began pursuing his dream of hip-hop stardom.  He wrote songs at home daily and worked at miscellaneous jobs in order to pay for studio time.  Just wishing to be in the studio everyday and not having enough money to be there as much as he wanted, eventually frustrated Solomon.  Soon the desire to produce his own music and build his own recording studio became apparent.  When a close-friend installed a music production program on his computer in early 2003, Solomon started chopping samples and making beats on his own. 

Throughout the years, Solomon became increasingly fascinated by many of the legendary artists from whom he was sampling.  The funky and soulful sounds of Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye and the quirky and psychedelic sounds of Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Iron Butterfly, eventually inspired Solomon to study music theory while teaching himself to play several instruments in the process.  These efforts honed his ear for composition, which later developed his unique "old school, but modern" approach to production and gave birth to “Boonie Mayfield” the producer.

A self-employed and starving artist for many years, the Colorado native would post literally all of his beats on his music pages for sale, sometimes reluctantly selling his best work for dirt cheap in order to continue devoting all of his time to working on music.  Solomon eventually grew tired of having to wait and depend on singers and rappers to showcase his sound and establish his brand, so he began checking other outlets to help gain a following.  Financially speaking, the licensing and selling beats kept his business afloat, however, many would credit Vaughn’s YouTube era as his biggest career turning point and a huge part of his present day success.  

In 2007, Solomon started a Youtube channel posting videos of himself making beats from scratch in his apartment bedroom under the moniker, “Boon Doc”, a short form nickname of his producer pseudonym, “Boonie Mayfield”.  Months later, one of Solomon’s videos went viral after a front page feature.  The Youtube channel gathered a rather massive buzz for an unknown bedroom studio beat-smith, garnering 30,000+ subscribers and over 6 million views to date.  

Locally, better known by his aliases, Boonie Mayfield a/k/a Boon Doc has been hailed as one of Colorado’s most prominent music producers. He has been nominated for ‘Best Hip-Hop Producer’ twice by Denver Westword, winning in 2010 and 2012, and still currently holds the title as Denver’s ‘Red Bull Big Tune’ champion, winning 2 years in a row.  

With the 'Boonie Mayfield/Boon Doc' brand gaining a lot of buzz from his viral videos in 2007, it soon brought along the fans' anticipation of an album.  But, for over 4 years, Solomon's efforts towards finishing an album stalled.  Unfortunately, there was a new dilemma, an internal struggle between Solomon Vaughn and Boonie Mayfield.  Solomon was torn between his heightened role as a producer (Boonie Mayfield) and his yet declining role as a rapper/songwriter.  Solomon Vaughn was a rapper first, who later became a producer in order to make beats for himself.  But, the Boonie Mayfield brand took on a life and story of its own.  From his fans' point of view, Boonie Mayfield was a producer who later wanted to become a rapper.  

Not sure if he still had what it took to succeed as a recording-artist, Solomon tested the waters with an independently released instrumental album titled Black Koolaid in September 2011, his first project as Boonie Mayfield.  The reception of 'Black Koolaid' was well received with underground acclaim, being cited as one of the best beat-tapes released that year by numerous fans and bloggers.  

By 2012, it had been 5 years of showcasing his workflow on YouTube and Solomon was no longer enjoying the routine and now predictable format of his videos.  Solomon and his fiancee, Giane Morris, had an idea of producing a self-made half-hour long reality show series documenting behind-the-scenes of studio sessions, live shows, equipment repairs and other miscellaneous events in Boonie Mayfield's career.  The new web show, 'Boon Documented' launched on Solomon's Youtube channel in February 2012, being cited for its overall positive, funny, educational, clever and light-hearted nature.  The series ended with a total of 7 episodes in August 2012.

Now aware of the 'Boonie Mayfield' brand having already hit its peak, Solomon was ready to move on to something new.  In the fall of 2012, Solomon was finally ready to produce his debut album showcasing Solomon Vaughn the rapper.  On October 15, 2013, after a year of hard diligent work, Solomon self-released his genre-bending debut album, Boonie Mayfield Presents: Solomon Vaughn.  Rather than totally disregarding the 'Boonie Mayfield' brand, in order to find more balance with his "torn" roles, Solomon decided to mesh the two roles to make a fictional split personality.  Although, Boonie Mayfield Presents: Solomon Vaughn is a solo album, it is presented as a dual effort.  The album showcased Boonie Mayfield's personality and versatility in production as well as Solomon Vaughn's personality and versatility in songwriting.  As this combination surged, the songs began forming distinct styles of their own, prompting Solomon to coin some of his newfound signature sounds, such as “audiopium”, "mile hi drive" and “drunk funk”.  

During his downtime working on the album in 2013, Solomon mentored on the side as a music theory, songwriting, production and performance instructor at Lucci Music in Colorado Springs for a year, being their first instructor hired without a formal music education.  He has also travelled around the country guest speaking for music expositions and workshops, doing college and commercial radio appearances and even speaking at a motivational program at a juvenile detention center.  Solomon's passion for encouraging and inspiring artists to reach for their full creative potential has remained a central theme in his career, in and out of the studio.  

Now having well over ten years of experience, Solomon Vaughn continues to strive for growth, excellence and top-notch presentation with every project he takes on.  This year, with the upcoming launch of his new collective, AUDIOPIUM, his new label, Lemonade Stand Records, and his lifelong fascination with musicals, soundtracks, and film scores, Solomon Vaughn is soon to be one of the next major influences in modern music and entertainment.