"I’ve been reviewing Solomon Vaughn aka Vaughn Solo and Boonie Mayfield for a while now, and I was starting to think that simply labeling him a rapper, emcee or Hip-Hop artist/producer is a pretty restrictive label. Solomon Vaughn is an artist. Period." - Rick Jamm (2016)


Solomon Vaughn, aka Vaughn Solo, Boonie Mayfield and Boon Doc, hails from Colorado, USA and rose to internet stardom by performing live Hip Hop beats on his MPC 1000 and sharing said performances on Youtube before doing so became a thing. Over the years, he matured as an artist, was robbed of almost all of his equipment and managed to re-emerge as a multi-instrumentalist who no longer depended on sampled material and instead created the type of music that beat-makers would dream of sampling. Unfortunately, not all of his fan base appreciated his progress. Despite the fact that his newer works showed a stepped improvement both technically and musically over his older works, his fan base shrank. Maybe it was because many of his fans were aspiring producers who got left behind in the wake of his progress.  Or maybe his shift towards more soulful music threw them off. Whatever the reason, Boonie stuck with his guns and re-emerged as one of the best and most interesting producers/performers in the wider Hip Hop community today. - ondaflor.com (2014)


"For what we’ve heard so far… if he continues on in this vein he’ll soon be called ‘The Radiohead Of Rap’" - sleepingbagstudios.ca (2015)

"He is a great lyricist: his word play, metaphors, intricate rhyming, and song subjects speak more like poetry than rap, the strange thing is, he is almost a better producer than he is a rapper! So when Vaughn puts his creative wares on any musical work, be sure it will almost always literally be a masterpiece beyond words." - jamsphere.com (2015)

"His beat-making and songwriting skills make him one of the most exciting contemporary talents in music" - thenewbeatmaker.com (2013)

"Soul is a term that a lot of producers seem keen to have associated with their music – browse any repository’s soul section and you’ll find a glut of music that… well, isn’t soul.  We’re not purists per se, but I do think it’s a bit of a stretch to call hip hop beats with soul samples soul. When Boonie Mayfield calls himself a Hip Hop and Soul producer however, he means it in the truest sense of the word." - ohdratdigital.com (2011)

"A dancer, songwriter and beat executioner, Boon Doc has managed to stay in his lane while carving a niche of modernism and originality. Applying the principles of production, he's created a sound and technique all his own." - Ru Johnson | Denver Westword (2010)

"I think he's going to be one of the new and upcoming cats to come out and shock a lot of people, and take the whole industry by storm." - Jamie Jones | All-4-One (2009)

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